Mental and Behavioral Health Care navigators

You may not be sure if your child needs help. You may be looking for the right mental or behavioral specialist to help your child. You can call us. We are here to help. Our staff are trained to help you find the program, place, or person you need to help your child.

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Access navigator team

The Access Navigator team will help you decide how to get the right mental or behavioral care. They can help you:

  • Find the right specialist and resources for your child
  • Help you with wait lists
  • Help you understand your insurance coverage and costs.

Tracy Meyer


Mallorie Hebeker, MSW, CSW


Beth Bayer, MSW, LCSW, IMH-E


Katie Petersen, MS, CSW

Katie P.

Katie Brunner

Katie B.

Erin G


Care navigator team

The Care Navigator team will help you with any follow-up care, as recommended by your provider. They will also assist with any barriers to receiving care.

Ashley Rudy, MSW


Becca Kazda


Nate E.


Morgan E