What to expect with mental and behavioral health

What to expect during your first call with an access health care navigator

The call will take about 15 minutes. You will speak with an access navigator. The access navigator can:

  • Learn about your child's needs
  • Schedule your child with the right provider
  • Confirm your demographics and insurance

Sometimes the access navigator will place your child on a waiting list. They will call you when appointments are available.

Types of appointments that are available

We offer video visits and in-person appointments. Appointments are typically 60 minutes. There are many locations for in-person appointments. Video visits use your smartphone or computer.  

Our services are for kids from 6 months to 18 years old. They include:

Other mental and behavioral programs we offer for children:

Insurance coverage

An access navigator will tell you if our providers are in or out of network for most insurance plans. You should check with your insurance company about what services are included.

Children's Wisconsin gives care even if you can't pay and offers financial assistance. Support from Children's Wisconsin and United Way helps keep counseling fees affordable.

Bi-lingual providers

Some of our therapists are bi-lingual (Spanish speaking). You can also ask for some to translate for you. Translators help for both in-person and video visits. Our access navigators team can find a translator for you before your initial appointment.

Foster parent information

If you are a foster parent, your child's legal guardian must sign paperwork. The access navigator team will talk to your social worker/case manager and give them the paperwork. The access navigator will help you schedule after the social worker returns the signed paperwork. 

Clinic forms

Patient and family history form for therapy | En Español

For more help

View ways we can help or connect with our access navigators.