Child mental health evaluation

The mental and behavioral health team at Children’s Wisconsin has evaluation services for any child from 6 months and 18 years old. Evaluation is the first step to helping a child who:

  • Has a hard time with learning or behaving. 
  • Has social problems.
  • Has problems with their feelings or emotions.   

Our evaluations help parents and doctors understand what a child is dealing with.  They help with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Caring for children with moderate to complex developmental concerns requires the expert skills of many different specialists. Our Child Development Center provides services with these pediatric specialists. The Center offers high-quality:

  • Family-centered patient care
  • Education
  • Research and advocacy 

Find the right help

We are here to help. Our staff are trained to help you find the program, place, or person you need to help your child. Our staff who helps you find resources is called your access navigator Team. There is no worry or question too big or too small. Call (414) 266-3339 or use our contact form.

Helpful resources


What will our first appointment be like?

Typically during your first appointment, you will meet with a psychologist or mental health provider who will ask you about the concerns you have about your child, your family history, and other information that may be helpful to better understanding your child. Your provider will then discuss the next steps with you. Your child will not receive testing during the first appointment.

How are you handling testing and evaluations during COVID-19?

Most psychological testing and evaluation needs to take place in-person. Due to masking requirements, some of our testing protocols have had to be adapted. Your provider will discuss these limitations with you at your first session.

Are mental health services right for my child?

Psychological testing and evaluation is often a service that is recommended after you have spoken with your child’s medical or mental health provider about your concerns. Not every child requires psychological testing or evaluation to better understand if their child has a mental health diagnosis or if they need mental health treatment.