Medicine consultation and management

Medication management is a team-based way to organize and make a plan for using medicine. The team is made up of a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, primary care physician, pharmacist and nurse. Your child’s team will work together to make sure your child has the best plan for therapy and medicine if it is needed. The child medication management team may:

  • Help with a new diagnosis when no medicine has been prescribed yet
  • Make changes to a medicine plan a child already has
  • Offer a second opinion
  • Work with other specialists as needed
  • Help you decide if medicine is a good option in your child’s treatment plan

Find the right help

We are here to help. Our staff are trained to help you find the program, place, or person you need to help your child. Our staff who helps you find resources is called your access navigator team. There is no worry or question too big or too small. Call (414) 266-3339 or use our contact form.

Helpful resources


How will we know if this is right for us?

Talk with your child’s primary care provider and your mental health provider. They can help you to know if your child’s symptoms might be helped by medicine.

What will our first medication management appointment be like?

The Psychiatrist or Advanced Practice Nurse will meet with you and your child to find out more about the problems you are experiencing and ask for additional information from your therapist, the school and any ask to review reports including Educational Plans from the School or any previous psychological testing or treatment if they were not already provided prior to the visit. All of this information will help to make a diagnosis and to recommend a medicine if it would be helpful.