Renishaw neuromate® neurosurgery robot

Renishaw Neuromate®, an image-guided neurosurgical robotThe Renishaw neuromate® is the latest in leading-edge technology, helping our team treat the most complex cases of epilepsy. This image-guided neurosurgical robot, the first of its kind available in Wisconsin, helps surgeons locate seizure activity in the brain through stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG).

The neuromate's role will be to assist in positioning the intracerebral electrodes, which identify the zones of the brain where seizure activity is taking place. With use of the robot, the neurosurgery team can localize seizure activity more precisely than ever before – reaching areas of the brain that previously were not accessible via human placement of electrodes. This new technology will reduce SEEG operating room (OR) time by approximately 50 percent compared to pre-robot OR time – making treatment safer and more efficient, while also reducing the amount of time that children are under general anesthesia.

The information gathered through use of the robot is used to plan individualized surgical treatment for patients whose epilepsy has not been sufficiently improved through medication.

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