Sleep study information

The following information will be helpful regarding your upcoming sleep study.

  • Plan for your transportation to and from the sleep study
  • Plan for child care for other siblings because only one parent/guardian may stay the entire time of the sleep study
  • Sleep studies cannot be completed on a sick child
  • Please communicate with our sleep center staff of any special health needs or questions you may have

Cancellation Policy: We require a 24 hour notice if your child is unable to keep an appointment for a sleep study. Patients that do not cancel their appointment and do not come for their sleep study are considered a “No Show.” Patients that “No Show” may have to visit their referring physician before rescheduling another sleep study visit.

Instructions for day of:

  • Wash your child’s hair on the day of the study.
  • Do not put any products, gels, hairsprays, conditioners in hair
  • If your child has any type of extensions/weave these may have to be taken out before the study.
  • Eat before you come unless otherwise instructed.
  • Avoid all caffeine products and chocolate on the day of the study
  • Avoid naps on the day of the study

What to bring:

  • Two-piece pajama’s or shorts and a t-shirt to wear to bed.
  • Diapers, if needed
  • Any medications your child may need to take during the stay. Medications must be in the original bottle or packaging. Failure to do so could result in a cancellation of the sleep study.
  • Your child’s favorite blanket, pillow, doll, stuffed animal , or book.
Parents Should Bring:
  • Pajamas to wear to bed
  • Book or laptop computer to use in the Sleep Center waiting area. WiFi is available.

Do not bring nightlights, game systems, loud toys, loud music, white noise machine or fans.

Please note that smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Children’s Wisconsin or Froedtert campus.

Contact us- Sleep Center

Call the Sleep Center at

(414) 266- 2790

To make an appointment, call Central Scheduling at

(414) 607-5280

Toll free (877) 607-5280

Request an appointment

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