What to expect

When you arrive:

When you arrive at the sleep center, a sleep technologist will greet you. Technologists are professionals who are trained to work with children that are having a sleep study. The technologist will give you a tour of the sleep center and explain the test to you and your child. Questions are encouraged.

Test set up:

It normally takes about 1 hour to get your child ready for the study. Wires with small buttons, called electrodes, will be applied on your child’s head, face, and chest. Special glue, tapes or bandages will help keep the electrodes in place throughout the night. Small plastic tubes will be taped under your child’s nose. Lastly, a fabric belt will be placed around the chest and stomach of your child. These will be kept in place for the duration of your child’s sleep study. Please note that the wires and electrodes, and their application, will not cause any harm or pain to your child.

After the test:

The sleep technologist will wake you and your child up around 5:30 a.m. to remove the electrodes and unhook your child from the monitor. There may be a finger poke at the end of the study to obtain a small blood sample. You are free to go after everything has been removed and the sample is taken.

Please note: A parent or guardian must take your child home unless arrangements have been made prior to the sleep study for another adult to take your child home. You child is not allowed to take other transportation home such as a bus or taxi. Patient Relations can help you if there are problems with transportation by calling (414) 266-2800.

Test results:

The technologist and doctors will read and review the results of the sleep study. They will send a report of the results of the sleep study to your child’s doctor. This process takes approximately 2 weeks. Your child’s doctor or nurse will contact you to share these results. Please call the Sleep Center at (414) 266-2790 if you do not receive a results call after two weeks.