Contact speech and hearing specialists

To make an appointment, call:

  • Audiology: Call Central Scheduling at (414) 607-5280 or toll-free (877) 607-5280
  • Auditory processing team and speech services: Call (414) 266-2934
  • Cleft lip and palate team: Call (414) 266-2575
  • Cochlear implant team: Call (414) 266-2685 or e-mail
  • Saliva control care: Call (414) 266-2575
  • Speech services: Call (414) 266-2934

To make an appointment, call our Central Scheduling team or request an appointment online.

(877) 607-5280

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Watch Saige's Story


Watch this video to learn how our cochlear implant team helped Saige hear for the very first time.