Observers / job shadows

Observers/job shadows program suspended temporarily due to novel coronavirus

Due to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), we have currently suspended our Observers/Job shadows program. This is for an indefinite period of time as we respond to the COVID-19 virus. Please check back for updates when this program will be resumed. 


Job shadows are a way to observe the responsibilities of someone working in a field that interests you. Anyone looking to do a job shadow or observation is responsible for locating someone to shadow (this person is called a sponsor). Please review the steps below to learn more about the observer/job shadow process.

1. Locate a sponsor for your observation experience.
The best way to locate a sponsor is to talk to someone you know that works at Children's Wisconsin. If you don't already know someone at CHW, try browsing our Program and Cinics to narrow down your search. Contact the specialty that most closely matches your area of interest to inquire if a job shadow opportunity would be available. You may contact the main hospital operator at (414) 266-2000 and ask to be transferred to the area or location of interest. Please keep in mind, job shadows and observations are at the discretion of the clinics themselves. Some areas do not accept job shadows except under special circumstances, such as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Please note: There is no guarantee that an employee will be able and willing to sponsor a job shadow or observation experience.

Job shadows are set up on a case-by-case basis with the department you're visiting, but most experiences last for about 4 hours on a given day. You should discuss the observer/job shadow arrangement with your sponsor to figure out a time that works best for both of you. More information can be found in the Observer/Job Shadow Policy, which is the first four pages of the job shadow paperwork.

2. Fill out the observer paperwork. Download the form. Use this PowerPoint to complete page 11 for a Milwaukee campus job shadow. For all other experiences, please complete page 11 with your sponsor.

The following health documentation must be submitted with your paperwork.

a. Proof of immunity to Rubella, Rubeola, and Mumps, regardless of age.

  • Documented history of two MMR's OR
  • Documentation of positive Rubella, Rubeola, and Mumps titre

b. Proof of TB skin test done within the last 12 months with negative results.

  • If TB skin test positive, documented report of a negative chest x ray must be on file. In addition, TB symptom survey must be on file and updated annually.

c. Proof of immunity to Varicella:

  • Documented history of 2 Varicella vaccines OR
  • Positive Varicella titre OR
  • Documented history (from a healthcare provider) of chicken pox or shingles

d. Proof of influenza vaccination for the current influenza season for any observer was in a Children's facility for at least 1 day of their observational period between October 1 and March 31.

Documented history of annual influenza vaccine

3. Submit your paperwork to the correct department for processing.
Please see the chart below to determine what pages of the paperwork to fill out and who will process it.

Once Educational Services or Medical Staff Services has confirmed that your paperwork is complete, you will receive information about picking up an observer badge.


The employee I will be shadowing is a: Pages to fill out: Contact:
  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Psychologist
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Physician assistant
5-7 and 11

Physician Support Services
(414) 266-2310
Fax: (414) 266-1524

  • Nurse
  • Therapist
  • Social worker
  • Any other professional or employee

Educational Services
Fax: (414) 266-3044