Research cores

Children's Research Institute provides critical resources and support to investigators across the region.

Our research cores include:

  • Flow Cytometry: Provides access to instrumentation for flow cytometric analysis and fluorescence-activated cell sorting of single cell suspensions.
  • Grants Development Office: Supplies resources to identify and apply for external funding to support research, educational activities, and programs.
  • Histology: Offers a range of high-quality histological and immunohistochemical services available to all investigators and collaborating institutions.
  • Imaging: Provides investigators fee-based assisted and unassisted access to a variety of state-of-the-art microscopic imaging systems.
  • Pediatric Biobank and Analytical Tissue Core: Provides quality-controlled banking of human pediatric tissues for clinical trials, researcher-driven projects, and future, undetermined research projects.
  • Pediatric Translational Research Unit: Provides support for investigators and staff, including study coordination, research nurses, assessment, specimen collection, and storage.
  • Quantitative Health Sciences: Provides statistical support for study design, data management, and analysis for research studies.
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