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Milwaukee officials urge residents to stop vaping immediately

"In what may be a sign of a health emergency with national implications, the city of Milwaukee Health Department is now urging all residents to stop vaping. Period.

Special concern is now focused on the young. 'We noticed this beginning in July, 16 teenagers that have come in with severe lung injuries that needed to be hospitalized and what we found in common with them is vaping,' Dr. Michael Meyer of Wisconsin Children's Wisconsin told CBS News.

Meyer said at first blush it was as if the kids had severe pneumonia and mentioned there were some cases where people were critically ill.

'We had several children that were admitted to the intensive care unit,' he explained. 

The exact cause has yet to be determined."

On July 25, Children’s Wisconsin warned the public of the potential danger of vaping for those who are underage after we reported 8 cases of hospitalized teenagers with seriously damaged lungs to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. 

We continue to see an average of one new patient per week that we suspect is a result of vaping. Since our warning to families and teens on July 25, the influx of patients being reported nationwide underscores the danger — vaping is not appropriate or healthy for those who are underage and we encourage parents to have a conversation about the potential risk with their teens.

Dr. Michael Meyer, MD, medical director of critical care services, provided an update during an interview with CBS Evening News. 

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