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Be an advocate for kids

Children's is dedicated to advocating on behalf of our patients and families at the local, state and federal levels with the goal of positively impacting legislation that affects the health and well-being of children and families in Wisconsin and nationwide. Our main areas of advocacy are:

  • Improving Medicaid access to high-quality pediatric health care
  • Preventing injuries and keeping kids safe
  • Promoting public health
  • Increasing research funding
  • Supporting foster care and adoption

Speak up for kids like Adair

Adair is only 4, but she’s already an expert on major medical procedures. Public policy affects children’s health care.

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All kids deserve a healthy body - and mind

In this video, learn how one Wisconsin school helps kids cope with childhood trauma - one of the biggest issues facing children today.

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Libbie: 'You have to be our voice'

After many surgeries, Libbie is climbing to new heights. But she and other kids need you to speak up.

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Keeping kids safe in our community

Concussion expert Dr. Kevin Walter knows how policy changes affect kids' safety.

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Nothing fluffy about advocacy

This bundle of fur gives sick children a special kind of love.

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Be an advocate for kids

Advocacy means to speak up!

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