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Top 10 blog posts of 2019

From a groundbreaking test for donor organ rejection and cutting-edge treatment for chronic stomach pain to a mother’s loving tribute to the son she lost and advancements in the ways we identify and treat mental and behavioral health in kids, we told a lot of incredible stories in the last year. Check out our top 10 most popular blog posts from 2019.

  1. The scariest day of my career was the result of vaping

  2. Hospice: This is what peace looks like

  3. Children’s Wisconsin pioneers “shocking” new treatment for chronic stomach pain

  4. How one boy’s ringing in his ears proved to be something far more serious

  5. How two Herma Heart Institute doctors changed donor organ rejection testing forever

  6. Facial recognition and the future of diagnosis

  7. A new gene therapy gives hope to kids with a previously untreatable disease

  8. Cady’s story: How one teen fought anxiety

  9. How five questions can help save a troubled teen's life

  10. Chemical vs. mineral — breaking down the sunscreen controversy