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Urgent care: Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin receives first-in-the-nation distinction

The rise of urgent care as a choice for patients has made it more important than ever for health care systems to step up their game when it comes to coordination. Making sure that urgent care providers are communicating with the patient’s regular provider is crucial to delivering the best possible treatment.

At Children’s Wisconsin, we take this approach seriously, and are thrilled to be the first pediatric urgent care practice in the United States to receive the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s Patient-Centered Connected Care Recognition.

Why this recognition matters

Now, what does that mean? Let’s break it down this way.

Connection: We will connect and share patient information with your child’s pediatrician, or help you find a primary care provider if your child doesn’t already have one.

Direction: We identify your child’s needs and direct your child to the correct health care providers when appropriate.

Involvement: We provide the highest quality of support to you and your child, making care-based decisions together. This includes offering cultural and language services when needed.

Technology: Our urgent care locations are up to date with technology and computer systems, including our online check-ins that give you estimated wait times.

Improvement: We evaluate our staff’s performance, clinical outcomes, and your overall experience with us, identifying where improvements can be made and taking necessary corrective actions.

These measures fit in with our dedication to provide an overall medical home for your child, where everyone who cares for them, including you, works together as a team. Our vision is for the kids in Wisconsin to be the healthiest in the nation, and that means offering them the best pediatric care available, even if it’s not during normal business hours.