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Children's Wisconsin strives to provide the best and safest care and experience for our patients, clients and families. There are two ways to recognize our staff — a Bravo! High Five or The DAISY Award nomination (for nurses).

Bravo! High Five

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If you want to recognize a doctor, provider, volunteer or other staff member (that is not a nurse) at Children's who has made a difference in your experience, give them a Bravo! High Five.

The DAISY Award recognition for nurses

If you want to recognize an extraordinary nurse at Children's for The DAISY Award, complete the form below with as much information as possible.

The DAISY Award nomination form

The DAISY Award honorees demonstrate excellence through their nursing knowledge and compassionate care. They are outstanding role models in our nursing community. The Daisy award logo

A nurse worthy of the DAISY Award:

  • Cares for me or my child in a way that is extra special
  • Treats me or my child like family
  • Keeps me or my family up-to-date
  • Includes me in my or my child’s care in a special way
  • Explains things in a way that helps everything make sense
  • Touches my heart in a way I will not forget
Which nurse do you want to nominate for The DAISY Award?
Please share a story about why your nurse should receive The DAISY Award.
Thank you for nominating a Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin nurse for this award. Please tell us about yourself below. If the nurse you suggest is chosen, we will include you in the award event.
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