COVID-19 vaccine information

(Updated June 1, 2022) 

All families with kids 5 and older can now schedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments online. Please know that a parent or guardian must be present at the time of vaccination.

Schedule a 5+ COVID-19 shot 

Addressing common vaccine questions

COVID-19 vaccines are the greatest hope we have to safely returning to activities that have been changed because of the pandemic. Vaccines will help keep kids healthy and save lives. 

While kids don’t typically get as sick or have as serious symptoms compared to adults, new variants of the virus are more easily spread by kids. Getting kids vaccinated is important to protecting those around them and overcoming COVID-19 as a community.  

Children’s has vaccinated thousands of children and we know that many families are eager for vaccines to be approved for younger kids. We also know that some families have questions about the vaccines. Children’s experts addressed some of the most common questions about the vaccine in March. We also encourage you to have a conversation with your child’s doctor to address particular questions you and your child may have. 


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