Family ratings of our care

Dimension of care: Family-centered care Patient-Centered icon

Why we measure it - We ask patients and families to tell us about the care they get from us. This shows us how we're doing and helps us make improvements. Our goal is for everyone to be happy with the care they get from us.

What this means - We ask our patients and families, "Overall, how would you rate the care you received at this visit?" The chart shows the percent of people who rated the care they got at Children's a 9 or 10 on a 0-10 scale where 10 represents the best care.

About the data - We use an outside company to survey our patient families about care they get at our hospital and clinics. This data is from our Milwaukee, Greenfield, and New Berlin locations. We use the feedback to make changes that improve the services we provide.

How we provide the best care

  • We encourage open, ongoing communication between patient families and our staff. We ask our patients and their families to tell us what they think. We want them to tell us if they have ideas for how we can give better care.
  • We have a Family Advisory Committee made up of parents and hospital staff. This group talks about our care and things we can offer to make hospital and clinic visits easier for patients and families
  • We use what we learn from patients and families to make changes that will improve the care we provide.

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