Infections in the hospital

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Why we measure it - Some patients need special procedures or treatments that make them more likely to get an infection while in the hospital. Patients who get infections may have to stay in the hospital longer or develop other health problems.

What this means - We keep track of the number of viral infections patients get in the hospital. The chart shows the number of these infections at our hospital is low.

About the data - The data is the rate at which patients got viral infections at our hospital. We add up the viral infections patients got in the hospital and compare it to how long the patients were in the hospital. This gives us the rate of these infections. This is how hospitals across the country look at this data.

How we provide the best care

  • We teach our doctors and other staff how to keep patients from getting infections in the hospital. We focus on procedures and treatments where infections are most likely.
  • We share data we collect with our staff. This helps remind them about the importance of following the procedures that prevent infections.

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