General Foster Care/Adoption mythbusters

Myths and facts about General Foster Care/Adoption.

Myth 1: To be a foster parent you need to be married, own your own home or make a lot of money.

Fact 1: Foster parents can be single, married, divorced or in a relationship. You can rent or own your home. You do not need to own a home to provide a safe, stable, and loving home environment. You also do not need to make a lot of money;. You just need to have an income so that you can financially support yourself and those living with you.

Myth 2: Foster parents need to stay at home with their foster children and are unable to work.

Fact 2: Foster parents can continue to work part-time or full-time jobs, no different than when caring for a biological child. Arrangements can be made for before and after-school care, as well as daycare for younger children. Daycare costs are reimbursable when foster parents work.

Myth 3: I’m too old to be a foster parent, my children are now adults and on their own.

Fact 3: There is no upper age limit to becoming a foster parent, only a minimum age of at least 21 years old. Age should not prevent you from becoming a caring and loving adult for a child in foster care.

Myth 4: If I become a foster parent, I’m afraid that I’ll get too attached to a child in my home and it will be difficult when they go back home.

Fact 4: You will get attached and that is okay - it’s human nature and it is what children need. It will be hard to see a child leave your home, but it is greater to know you gave the child the love and stability they needed during a rough patch in their lives. Even if they are only with you for a short time, you may be the one person that can make a positive change in a child’s life forever.

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