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Pediatric gastroentrologists 

Praveen Goday, MD 

Praveen S Goday

Dr. Goday is a board certified pediatric gastroenterologist and the Program Director of the Feeding, Swallowing and Nutrition Program at Children’s Wisconsin. He has a special interest in managing nutrition problems, including failure to thrive, feeding difficulties and nutrition issues associated with cystic fibrosis. In his free time, Dr. Goday enjoys learning from ancient wisdom and reading ancient history, traveling and visiting museums.


Andrea Begotka, PhD

Andrea M Begotka

Dr. Begotka is a psychologist who uses a behavioral and/or cognitive behavioral approach and parent training to help children modify behaviors for better life functioning. Dr. Begotka focuses on addressing the behavioral elements associated with feeding disorders and failure to thrive. Personal fun fact: Dr. Begotka enjoys baking healthy treats, being active, spending time at her cottage up north and cheering her children on at their sporting events.

Alan Silverman, PhD

Alan H Silverman

Dr. Silverman is a pediatric psychologist. His areas of interest include failure to thrive, feeding and nutritional disorders. Before Dr. Silverman became a psychologist, he was a waterskiing instructor!

Meghan Wall, PhD

Meghan A Wall

Dr. Wall is a board certified behavioral analyst and psychologist. She utilizes behavioral and cognitive behavioral treatments to address a child's feeding disorder. Dr. Wall believes in addressing a child's environment when looking to change feeding behaviors, and as such, will work with the child's primary caregivers in the child's treatment. In her free time, Dr. Wall enjoys cooking, baking and watching Disney movies with her children.

Speech and language pathologists

Mindy Aldinger, MA, CCC-SLP

Mindy Aldinger

Mindy is a speech language pathologist whose role is to assess, diagnose and treat children with feeding, swallowing and/or oral motor disorders. Her areas of interest include dysphagia, feeding and swallowing disorders, and oral or motor feeding issues. In her free time she enjoys whole food cooking and trying new recipes, eating at new local restaurants, traveling to places she has never been and playing both co-ed football and softball.

Dorie Mendell, PhD, CCC-SLP


Dr. Mendell is a speech language pathologist who provides services to children with feeding and swallowing disorders.

Registered dietitians

Matthew Edwards, RD, CD, CSP


Matthew is a clinical dietitian and certified specialist in pediatric nutrition. His areas of interest include clinical nutrition, failure to thrive, feeding disorders, obesity and weight loss. A fun fact about Matthew is that he has played soccer since age 4 and continues to play club soccer every summer.

Mary Beth Feuling, CD, CSP, MS, RD


Mary Beth is an advanced practice dietitian and certified specialist in pediatric nutrition. Her areas of interest include failure to thrive, feeding disorders and nutrition. In addition to loving caring for kids, Mary Beth loves to bake cupcakes and bread, experiment with new recipes, spend time outdoors on her bicycle and spend time with family and friends.

Megan Van Hoorn, CD, CNSC, RD


Megan is a clinical dietitian and certified nutrition support clinician. Her areas of interest include feeding disorders and failure to thrive. In her free time, Megan enjoys spending time outdoors and vegetable gardening.

Registered nurses

Pam Opichka, RN

Pam Opichka

Pam has been a registered nurse at Children's for 40 years, and a part of the gastroenterology team for 15 years. As a pediatric nurse clinician, she's available to answer questions about a child's health care and will work with the other team members to ensure your concerns are all addressed regarding feeding, nutrition and other gastroenterology issues. Pam is a huge Green Bay Packers fan and enjoys traveling and spending time with her adult children and grandbaby who live out of state.


Amy Delaney, PhD, CCC-SLP

Amy L Delaney

Dr. Delaney is a speech language pathologist focused on feeding and swallowing research. Dr. Delaney investigates and researches treatments for children who have feeding and swallowing disorders, dysphagia, and oral or motor feeding issues.

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