For medical professionals

Program requirements

  • Patient must be able and willing to participate in and tolerate 8 hours of group programming and daily physical therapy 5 days per week.
  • Caregiver commitment to regular family contact, weekly family sessions and twice weekly parent groups.
  • Must have diagnosed medical condition causing significant functional impairment due to pain and decline in physical or emotional health and/or quality of life that is being exacerbated by psychological factors.
  • Patients have received comprehensive medical work up prior to admission to the program.
  • There has been substantial deterioration in at least 2 key areas of functioning (school, social, family, community, self-care, work)
  • Often, patients have failed or are incapable of benefiting from treatment at a less intensive level of care. The severity of illness indicates that treatment in a less intensive level of care has or would result in an increase of symptoms or deterioration of functioning.
  • All patients will receive a mental health evaluation. To be included in the program, they must meet criteria for a DSM-V diagnosis. 

Referral resources

Learn how to make a referral. On this page, you will find:

  • A guide for who you should refer
  • Information about the Integrated Healing Program and our evidence based treatments
  • A case study
  • Ways to refer a patient
  • Explanation of the referral process 

Providers outside of Children’s Wisconsin, submit a referral (link to current referral form) utilizing our referrals page. 

How to refer

Providers with Epic access to Children’s Wisconsin

Submit Epic referral to Pain & Headache Center and select IHP evaluation.

All other providers

Submit referral form online  

Call the Integrated Healing Referral Line: (414) 266-3955, or email

If you would like to discuss a case prior to referral, call (414) 266-2775 and Steve Weisman, MD or Kim Anderson Khan, PsyD can answer any questions you may have.

Contact us

To learn how we can help your child manage his or her pain, call the Integrated Healing Program Line for additional information or to request an appointment.

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For Medical Professionals

Learn how to make a referral to our program

View the referral guide