Early stage research

Children's Wisconsin is among the top centers in the world for the treatment of pediatric cancer, with the capability and resources available to conduct early-phase (Phase I & II) clinical trials. As a member of several early-phase research consortia, Children's offers patients and families access to new, innovative treatment options.  In addition, we offer several early phase studies developed by our own researchers as well as multi-center clinical trials initiated by our partners at leading programs around the country.  

Spotlight on clinical trials

Some of our recent investigator-initiated clinical trials include:

  • Photodynamic therapy for brain tumors
  • Treosulfan for bone marrow transplant (BMT) in nonmalignant diseases
  • Haploidentical BMT and donor natural killer cells for solid tumors
  • Bridging therapy for children, adolescents, and young adults with ALL or AML and minimal residual disease (MRD) prior to BMT
  • Epigenetic reprogramming in relapse AML: A study of decitabine and vorinostat plus FLAG-liposomal daunorubicin therapy for children and young adult with relapsed or refractory AML
  • Phase I CTL study-ACE Trial. Developing cytotoxic T-cells against adnenovirus, cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus post-allogeneic BMT
  • Parent-to-Child (Haplo) Transplant for patients with sickle cell disease

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Michael Burke, MD

"The steady improvement in survival for children with cancer is a direct result of their enrollment onto clinical trials; without which we would remain decades behind in terms of scientific advances in pediatric cancer." ~Michael J. Burke, MD