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COVID-19 vaccine second dose Children's Wisconsin
Patient Stories

The second dose: Checking in with those who got the COVID-19 vaccine

Evan Solochek Writer

Checking in with a few of our frontline staff who have received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Children's Wisconsin Genetics and Genomics program genetic counseling

Genetics 102: What is a genetic counselor?

Sarah Fittanto, BSc Genetic Counseling Assistant

When a patient comes to the Genetics Clinic, the first person they’ll meet with is a genetic counselor. But what do they do?

Choosing a pediatrician at Children's Wisconsin

How to choose the right pediatrician for your child

Patrick Lehman, MD Pediatrician

What parents should look for when choosing a pediatrician.

Raynah Dr Irene Kim MD Children's Wisconsin neurosciences center Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Saving Raynah's brain

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

When a young girl suddenly lost the ability to talk, experts at Children's Wisconsin got to work.

Foster care and adoption Children's Wisconsin
Patient Stories

The power of being there for teens in foster care

Cait Hendrickson Foster Parent

For teenagers in foster care, the fact that you showed up when no one else did changed their lives for the better, forever.

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