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Protecting kids against chlorine Children's Wisconsin

Pool time: How to protect against the side effects of chlorine

Jennifer Schreiber, MD Pediatrician

Chlorine can be helpful in preventing the spread of germs. But too much chlorine exposure can also be harmful to your child’s skin.

Young girl with a concussion

How to tell if a child has a concussion

Kevin Walter, MD Program Director

Concussions are serious injuries and must be treated appropriately to decrease the risk of long-term effects.

George, Addie and Gabriel are all patients at the Children's Wisconsin Dental Center
Patient Stories

Kids across Wisconsin find the dental care they need at Children’s Wisconsin

Lori Barbeau, DDS Medical Director

Serving kids across the state and training the next generation of pediatric dentists, the Children’s Wisconsin Dental Center creates a ripple effect that reaches every corner of our state.

2023 Miracle Marathon

25th annual 96.5 WKLH Miracle Marathon for Children’s Wisconsin raises more than $1,028,000

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

Thanks to the families who shared their stories and everyone who donated to make this another great year.

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