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Ep. 9 — What goes in, must come out

Barbara Calkins, MD, gives us the real scoop on baby's poop — what’s normal, why it changes so much, and what it can tell you about what's going on inside your baby's body.

TIME Magazine gun violence Dr. David Gourlay, trauma medical director, Children’s Wisconsin,

TIME: On top of the pandemic, hospitals face another crisis

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

Children and teenagers are being shot in record numbers.

Children's Wisconsin flu vaccine

Why COVID-19 makes the flu vaccine more important than ever

Shannon Baumer-Mouradian, MD Emergency Medicine

While COVID-19 has changed much, one thing remains true — flu season is coming. Getting the flu shot for your child is the best thing to prevent them from getting sick.

Namine giving two thumbs up after getting her first vaccine dose
Patient Stories

Namine's COVID-19 decision

Paul Eiche Father

Namine's family shares their experience getting the COVID-19 vaccine for their daughter.

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Ep. 8 — Rashes, bumps, flakes and itchies: Your baby's skin issues, solved!

Whether it's an allergic reaction, a virus, or a simple case of diaper rash, this conversation will help you figure out what's going on with your baby's skin — and what to do.

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