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Adopting our daughter and giving her a forever family

Almost a year ago we adopted our daughter, the girl who had been a part of our family for nearly four years. She came to us as a teeny tiny, vulnerable baby girl, and has grown into a slightly larger, even more beautiful, still vulnerable, baby girl.

Our adoption day was beautiful and perfect, and a little anti-climatic after considering our daughter a part of our family and our hearts for so long.

Instead of a huge adoption party, we chose to celebrate with a trip to Disney World! Taking my daughter on this trip was nothing short of magical. One of my favorite moments was when my little Elsa got to meet “the real” Elsa! It’s a moment and a memory that will always bring a smile to my face. I was so honored to have been able to provide that moment for her.

The stability and safety she needs

Still even more than a big fun trip and the introduction of a princess, it is my honor to be able to provide her a family forever. Our family gives the stability and safety she needs, and the commitment to walk along with her through the journey of healing – no matter what.

November is National Adoption Month, and there are more children out there like my daughter — vulnerable, in need of a safe place and a family who will walk with them through whatever it takes.

How you can begin the journey

If you’ve ever thought about adoption or foster care, you can get started on the process today! Children’s Hospital Community Services offers informational meetings (which is the first step in becoming a foster/adoptive parent) at various times and dates to fit your schedule. There’s no better time to begin the journey than during National Adoption Month!

To learn more, or for information regarding dates and times of meetings, contact us.