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Dear foster parents, you are the little bit more

Did you know in professional golf the average margin of victory over the last 25 years, in four major tournaments, came down to just two strokes over four days of play? Olympic athletes, who have trained their whole lives for just one moment in time, get either a certain colored medal or no medal at all as a result of fractions of seconds. A note played at just the right moment changes the song.

An ingredient or two can completely change the taste of a dish. Be it a sport, song, or meal, the little bit more made all the difference. A little more attention, a little more care, a little more effort meant everything to the results.

Rising to try again

Dear foster parents, you are the little bit more! Doing what you do day in and day out won’t get you any Olympic medals or PGA championships, but it will get you the love and adoration of people in need of your “little bit more.” We all know that there will be countless days, weeks, or maybe even months where you feel as if nothing is happening or healing. Frustration will get the best of you and wear you down. Yet, many days the “little bit more” will simply be the rising to try again, and that, my dear friend, is enough.

You don’t have to work miracles

You don’t have to get it right every day. You don’t need to look to anyone or anything to know the hard work you are doing — the “little bit more” you are giving every day — is simply amazing. It is simply enough!