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Grace giving a TED Talk on Child Life at Children's Wisconsin

Grace's child life TED-Ed talk

Despite currently living in South Carolina, 10-year-old Grace has been coming to Children's Wisconsin for several years. Battling chronic nausea and stomach pain, Grace has long been under the care of Katja Kovacic, MD, in our Gastroenterology, Liver and Nutrition Program. During her frequent and lengthy stays at Children’s Wisconsin, Grace has found great comfort in our Child Life and Expressive Therapies team.

Mom said, The Child Life Specialists have helped Grace process past trauma, find her voice and empower her for the future.

But don`t take Mom`s word for it. Grace can share the impact Child Life has had on her much more eloquently than anyone else. Grace recently wrote and performed a TED-Ed Talk on Child Life and how they helped her find relief and overcome fear during her many stays in our hospital. You don`t want to miss this incredible story by this incredible young girl.