1. Will you bill my insurance for me?
Yes. We will bill most U.S. insurance companies. We will not bill a foreign insurance company or a third-party liability company, such as an automobile insurance company.

2. What do I do if I disagree with how much my insurance company has paid on my bill?
You should contact your insurance company first and ask for information about how your claim was paid. Your insurance company will need your policy number, the patient's name and date of birth, the provider's name and the date of service.

3. Why did I receive two bills, one from Children's Wisconsin and another from the Medical College of Wisconsin?
If your child was seen in a Children's specialty clinic, you will receive two bills. Children's bills for expenses such as clinic staff and supplies. Specialty clinic visits also often include charges for procedures and tests done during those appointments. The Medical College of Wisconsin bills for the services of physicians and other care providers.

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