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We want you to have information that will help you make good healthcare choices.

Section 2718 (e) of the Public Health Service Act directs hospitals to list their standard charges for items and services provided to the public. These Microsoft Excel files (Children's Wisconsin and Children's Wisconsin - Fox Valley) contain our charges as of January 1, 2021.

Wisconsin Act 146 (2009) tells healthcare providers in our state how to give you price and quality information. You can find pricing information for the care given most often in Wisconsin on the PricePoint website.

Median charge information for any specific health service, test or procedure is available upon request using the form below. The data are averages and do not represent the actual charge you may be billed. The data may not include all the care you need. For example, you may need more tests or extra care. You also may get a bill from your doctor or other care providers for their care.

You can visit MyChart/guestestimates to get estimated prices for an upcoming test or procedure at Children's Wisconsin. For assistance, you can call our financial counselors at (414) 266-5700 or

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