Children's Wisconsin School Program provided by the Wauwatosa School District

The hospital school room is on West 9.

What does this program offer?

  • Children are taught one-on-one at the bedside or in the hospital school room.
  • Hospital school teachers work with children's regular teacher to plan daily lessons.
  • Daily routine is planned for each child.
  • Children are given a chance to work on school skills and to keep pace with classmates.

How does the school program help?

The School Program offers children a welcome and comforting routine while children are in the hospital. This program helps them:

  • Keep up-to-date with schoolwork.
  • Have a familiar routine.
  • Keep their mind off illness and being in the hospital.
  • Transition back to their school.

Who may use this program?

  • Children in grades 4K through 12 who are hospitalized.
  • Children from any school district are welcome.
  • There is no cost to parents for the school services.

How to access school services?

  • Teachers meet students during their second full day of admission. Children’s staff may request school services at any time by placing a school consult through Epic.
  • Teachers meet with parents and children to discuss the School Program. Teachers provide teaching materials and may set up a school schedule.
  • Parents or legal guardians complete a release of information form. This form will grant the teacher permission to contact the student’s home school. 

How can parents help?

  • Bring these to the hospital as soon as possible:
    • Chromebook/iPad (with login information)
    • textbooks
    • worksheets
    • any assignments
  • Coach your child to take part in the school program.

How do I contact the school room?

  • School Room Phone Number: (414) 266-2795
  • School Room Fax Number: (414) 266-6744
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