Campus visits by vendors

  1. Contractors do not need to make appointments to be on campus if they have been issued a contractor badge from Children's. However, all Contractors must still adhere to our masking and screening requirements, and all requirements managed by IntelliCentrics.
  2. Vendors that are commissioned to perform services for or provide goods/supplies to Children’s but do not have a Children's-issued contractor badge, must have an appointment with either Supply Chain or an operational owner.
  3. It is up to a Children's leader to necessitate all onsite work or meetings. Areas should limit Vendor and Contractor visits as much as possible.
  4. All Vendors and Contractors must check-in at a vendor kiosk to receive an IntelliCentrics paper badge if they have not been issued a contractor badge.
  5. All Vendors and Contractors must check in at a Welcome Center.
    1. For common deliveries through the dock, check-in via a vendor kiosk and Welcome Center is not required. However, masking is required at all times and self-screening is expected.
  6. All Vendors must be escorted into any of Children's facilities or they will not be permitted access. Deliveries must have an appointment and escort.
  7. Masks must be worn at all times and masks and eye protection must be worn at all times in patient care areas. The mask must be at least rated as an ASTM Level 1 procedural mask or greater to match the masking strategy for the area they're visiting.
    1. Vendors/Contractors supporting surgical services must supply their own N95 and eye protection.
    2. Vendors/Contractors must supply their own masks.
    3. Vendors/Contractors must wear eye/face protection while in patient care areas.
  8. All guests should perform self-screening prior to arrival and should not come to Children's if they have a fever, are symptomatic or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID19 or other infectious disease.
  9. Surgical implant and technology companies that support procedures and are scheduled either through the OR or Supply Chain, must follow all of the above requirements. Access will not be permitted to vendors supporting surgical services who arrive without their N95 or eye protection (to don when applicable). Compliance will be monitored by the surgical services team.

Supply Chain locations

The Supply Chain Department is charged with the centralized purchasing responsibility for the entire health system and is the primary contact point for all Vendor representatives of supplies.

The Supply Chain – Sourcing division office for administrative and purchasing operations is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The main office number is (414) 266-3434.

The Supply Chain – Logistics division and warehouse is located at 6740 W. Washington St, West Allis, WI 53214. The Receiving Dock accepts deliveries between 6 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The main office number is (414) 266-3440. Directions to Children's warehouse >>>

Pharmacy Services office location

The Pharmacy Services office of Children's Wisconsin is located in the lower level of the Children's Wisconsin Milwaukee campus hospital building at 9000 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53226. The pharmacy office is open for operation from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Directions to Children's Wisconsin >>>

Vendor representative requirements

Children's Wisconsin uses IntelliCentrics for vendor credentialing. On the Milwaukee campus, the entire hospital and clinics buildings are considered patient care areas; therefore Vendor representatives of any type entering those buildings must be registered in IntelliCentrics in a category for patient care.

Any Vendor with admin areas only access can meet with Children's Wisconsin personnel in our Corporate Center, Summit Offices, Children's Warehouse or Wood Lake locations.

Vendor representative visits must be pre-arranged with Children's staff ("drop in" visits are not permitted).

Each individual Vendor must create a profile and register to the IntelliCentric’s SEC³URE Ethos portal. Individuals will submit documentation to support their satisfaction of each credentialing requirement. The requirements are determined by Children’s Wisconsin. Full compliance to the requirements determined for each type of access and care setting is required to gain access to Children’s facilities. There is a cost to each individual application. These costs are the Vendor’s responsibility.

Follow these steps for individual registrations:

  1. Visit:
  2. Click “Register”
  3. Complete profile
  4. Attach to [FACILITY NAME]

Based on the time needed for IntelliCentrics to process all Vendor credentials, plan for full confirmation to take at least one week to process.

In the event of non-compliance with the stated access requirements, Children’s reserves the right to deny access.

Helpful IntelliCentrics links:

IntelliCentrics Sec³ure - Badge awareness for facility employees

IntelliCentrics Sec³ure - Passport handout

Milwaukee Campus:

Vendors accessing the Milwaukee hospital campus should park in the north parking structure, enter through the skywalk, and check in at the IntelliCentrics kiosk located at the Skywalk Welcome Center. It is also acceptable for Vendors to check in, after arriving on campus, via the SEC³URE mobile application. Vendors must wear either a paper badge printed at the kiosk or display a digital badge provided by IntelliCentrics for the duration of their visit.

After check in and badging, all Vendors must route to a Welcome Center location, present a Vendor badge, and complete health screening procedures. Once screening is complete, all Vendors must be escorted by a Children’s employee to scheduled meetings. Contact your Children’s representative to meet you in a public lobby to escort you. If you need assistance making that connection, please ask for help at a Welcome Center desk. The Welcome Centers are busy locations, so do allow the time necessary to receive assistance.

At the conclusion of each and every visit, you must exit campus and check out at either the kiosk or via the SEC³URE mobile application. 

All other locations:

Vendors will be required to check in with the reception desk, where a Children’s representative may verify compliance directly in IntelliCentrics. Once compliance is confirmed and if arriving without a digital badge issued by IntelliCentrics (SEC³URE Passport) badge, the site will determine the required badge type, perform health screening procedures, and assist in connecting Vendors with a Children’s representative.


IntelliCentrics requires an annual membership fee which is the responsibility of the Vendor. Children’s will not accept any markups on products or services as an off-set to this cost.

If access is not permitted to our facility, this will be without consequence to Children’s Wisconsin. No site visit fee or other transfer of loss from the vendor to Children’s Wisconsin will be accepted.

Vendor Loaned Sets; Children’s Wisconsin shall not be charged any fees (Including but not limited to freight fees) for the use of loaner sets.

All loaner sets shall be delivered at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled surgery for which the set has been requested and must include a detailed listing of components and written verification by the Vendor Representative confirming the set is complete.

Restocking Fees/Minimum Orders: Children’s Wisconsin will not pay restocking fees for product returned or rejected nor will adjust an order to accommodate a minimum order quantity. Orders are placed based on scheduled procedures and utilization requirements.