Community engagement

Professionals in CAPS are leaders in child maltreatment education, prevention, advocacy, collaboration, and research on the local, state, and national level. They provide education in multidisciplinary settings to prevent and to improve the response to child maltreatment.

  • Child Advocacy team members routinely participate in multidisciplinary team meetings in their communities. Representatives from law enforcement, child protective services, prosecutors, the medical community, victim advocates, mental health providers, and the public school system meet with a goal of providing a collaborative process in handling child maltreatment cases.
  • Child Advocacy Centers of Wisconsin works to develop local or regional child advocacy centers throughout Wisconsin so that all children who are alleged victims of abuse have easy access to the services of a child advocacy center. Our director, medical director, and others from the CAPS team serve on both the board and executive board.
  • Child Advocacy team members participate in work groups, boards, and committees at the local, state, and national level. These teams are comprised of professionals from a variety of agencies and focus on child maltreatment issues, including prevention, early intervention, legislation, and systems improvement.
How to report child abuse

Anyone who suspects a child is being maltreated may make a report. Find the Wisconsin child protective services information.

Child Advocacy Centers of Wisconsin

Child Advocacy Centers of Wisconsin (CAC) logo

Child Advocacy Centers of Wisconsin works to support and promote the development of child advocacy centers in Wisconsin and their efforts to provide child-friendly locations to facilitate multidisciplinary team assessments with reported child victims.