Education and training

Education about child maltreatment issues is an important part of the CAPS mission. Team members regularly provide professional and community education to health care professionals, health professions learners, child protective services workers, and others who work with maltreated children. These presentations occur in our local communities as well as in locations across Wisconsin and across the nation.

  • CAPS provides short- and long-term educational experiences for nursing students, social work students, medical students, residents, and fellows. Options include rotations, internships, shadowing, and lectures.
  • In addition, our providers mentor MCW medical students, participate in the clinical competency committee for pediatric residents, and serve on scholarship oversight committees for sub-specialty fellows.
  • Our ACGME-accredited Child Abuse Pediatrics fellowship is a three-year program offered through Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals. For more information, please call (414) 266-2090 and visit
  • Basic and advanced forensic interviewer training using the Wisconsin Forensic Interview Guidelines is offered throughout the year for child welfare workers and law enforcement personnel across Wisconsin. Led by our Forensic Interview Program Supervisor, these sessions focus on interviewing children who may be victims of child maltreatment.
  • The Wisconsin Child Abuse Network (WI CAN) Educational Series provides free monthly webinars on various child maltreatment topics. Medical providers from the Child Advocacy team frequently provide these lectures.
  • Since 1987, the Together for Children conference has promoted the improved prevention, treatment, investigation, and prosecution of child abuse and neglect. Child Advocacy personnel participate in conference planning and present multiple sessions each year.
  • CAPS professionals routinely give presentations at regional and national conferences.
If you are interested in having someone from the CAPS team give a presentation or provide training to your group, please call (414) 266-2090.
How to report child abuse

Anyone who suspects a child is being maltreated may make a report. Find the Wisconsin child protective services information.