Treatment foster care mythbusters

Myths and facts about becoming a treatment foster care parent

Myth 1: Fostering is too difficult and I don’t have the necessary skills to care for a child in my home.

Fact 1: Fostering, just like parenting can be challenging. We offer in depth training and ongoing support. Also, with the support of an additional worker, you are never alone.

Myth 2: All of the children in foster care with Children’s Wisconsin have high medical needs.

Fact 2: Children referred to the Children’s treatment foster care program have a variety of needs. These may include medical, behavioral, or emotional.

Myth 3: It would be impossible to become a foster parent during COVID-19.

Fact 3: As one of the top pediatric health systems in the country, we have nationally recognized infection prevention experts and they continue to help guide us through our COVID-19 response. Our experience caring for critically ill children is helping keep our staff, kids and families safe. We also are following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).

Myth 4: I can’t be foster parent because I have a full-time job.

Fact 4: Many foster parents work. Children attend school, daycare and after-school programs. A child care subsidy is also provided to assist with the financial responsibilities of caring for the children in your home. Your treatment foster care worker will assist you with finding the right resources for your child.

Myth 5: I’m considering adoption, but I’ve heard that I can’t adopt through the treatment foster care program.

Fact 5: Although not a foster to adopt program, many of our treatment foster care parents have successfully adopted.

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Treatment foster care regions

Baraboo/Juneau County Region:
(608) 356-3019

Central Wisconsin Region:
(715) 240-8483

Eau Claire Region:
(715) 318-1475

Fox Valley/Green Bay Region:
(920) 969-5391

Madison Region:
(608) 221-3511

Milwaukee/Southeast Region:

  • General foster care OR General Foster Care/Adoption (414) 543-4376
  • Treatment and respite foster care (414) 292-4093
  • Make a placement referral to treatment or respite programs (414) 292-4194 or by email.

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