PHACE Syndrome team

 Dawn H Siegel, MD   Dawn Siegel, MD
Dermatology, Hemangioma Expert, PHACE Syndrome Researcher, Head of Registry

Peter C Frommelt   Peter Frommelt, MD
Cardiology and PHACE Syndrome Researcher
Michael Mitchell, MD   Mike Mitchell, MD
Cardiovascular Surgery
Sean M Lew, MD   Sean Lew, MD
Jake Scott MD   Jake Scott, MD
Mohit Maheshwari, MD   Mohit Maheshwari, MD
Neuroradiology, Triages and Reads imaging for PHACE syndrome
Priya A Monrad   Priya Monrad, MD
Neurology, Manages headaches and other neurological conditions of PHACE syndrome
Kristen E Holland   Kristen Holland, MD
Dermatology, Manages Hemangioma Treatment
John Jensen, MD   John Jensen, MD
Craniofacial Surgery
 Robert Chun, MD   Robert Chun, MD
ENT, Ear and Parotid Expert
Cheryl L Brosig Soto, PhD   Cheryl Brosig, PhD

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