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Children's Wisconsin is committed to improving the lives of all children and youth in any facet of their health and well-being. That is why we recognize the need for a health clinic devoted to children and youth who may have questions of any kind relating to gender identity. Our approach is guided by widely accepted medical and scientific evidence and follows guidelines endorsed by World Professional Association for Transgender Health, Endocrine Society, and American Psychological Association We are dedicated to providing care, education and support to patients and their families, while being sensitive to different experiences and circumstances.

Our services

The Gender Health Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic focused on children and youth seeking assistance with gender identity development and transition concerns.  Our skilled staff will meet with new patients through age 16 on an individual basis for comprehensive evaluations, mental health consultations and education. The most common care plans include ongoing psychological, emotional or social support. In some cases, our services may include reversible puberty-suppressing hormone therapy, gender-affirming hormone therapy and speech/voice training. Furthermore, we can provide children and adolescents with connections to other resources and support within Children’s Wisconsin and the community.

We hope to work with you to develop the best and safest care plan for your child. The timelines for care delivery will be thoughtfully based on your child's healthcare needs, your understanding of treatment, and goals. Our care plans are informed by the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health), Endocrine Society, and American Psychological Association guidelines. Our primary goal for the first visit to our clinic is to provide information and child specific guidelines. It is important to know that gender-affirming hormones (i.e., testosterone or estrogen) will not be prescribed or administered at your child's first visit to our clinic. Please communicate this with your child in advance of the appointment.

To know what to expect from our clinic, we have a helpful handout >>> 

Pediatric endocrinologists and nurse practitioners

Endocrinologists provide medical consultation to patients and their families. When appropriate, they may prescribe puberty-suppressing hormone therapy and gender- affirming hormone therapy (testosterone and estrogen). The effects of treatment on growth and development are monitored closely through regularly scheduled clinic visits, physical exams, and lab tests. They also provide referrals to other medical providers as needed.

Pediatric health psychologists

Pediatric health psychologists provide mental health consultation to clinic patients and families. Clinic consultation does not replace mental health care patients already have but is designed to help support children and families and collaborate with other providers. Their goal is to work with the medical team to provide a holistic approach to each child and adolescent’s care.

Pediatric endocrinology nurses

Our team nurses help support patients with their treatment plans and goals. They will administer medications, teach patients how to take their medications at home, and coordinate any needed testing. They work closely with patient families in completing the prior authorization process with insurance providers for payment of medical therapy.

Adolescent medicine

Adolescent Medicine experts provide medical consultation about menstruation (period) management, infectious disease evaluation and prevention, and hormone therapy. 

Speech and language specialists

Voice pitch, speech patterns, gestures and body language may differ between genders. Our speech and language specialists help develop communication consistent with gender identity.

Social services

Our clinic social service team members provide support to our patients and their families. This may include school or legal concerns. In addition, they are able help with basic needs resources such as food, clothing, and housing.

Spiritual support

Our chaplains provide care to our patients and families who may have questions or concerns regarding gender and religious or spiritual beliefs and teachings.

Contact us

If your child is 16 years old or younger and would like to schedule an appointment in the Gender Health Clinic at Children's Wisconsin, we request you first complete our gender health history form. This will help us make sure your appointment is scheduled in the timeliest and most appropriate manner. You may download the form from the link. Alternately, you may call our Endocrinology office at (414)266-6750, option 5, to ask that we mail or e-mail it to you.  

Please return the form to us via mail or fax.

Gender Health Clinic
MS B540
8915 W. Connell Avenue
Milwaukee WI 53201-1997
Fax: (414) 266- 3332

We have found those patients who are 17 and older are better served starting care with an adult hormone provider. This avoids them having to transition care early during their hormone therapy. It also improves their continuity of care. We can provide a list of adult hormone providers upon request. Please call the above number.

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To make an appointment, call our Central Scheduling team or request an appointment online.

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