Nonmalignant disorders

At the MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Wisconsin, our expert team provides comprehensive care for a wide range of pediatric nonmalignant—or noncancerous—conditions. (Learn more about our cancer care and treatment of hematologic malignancies.)

The pediatric nonmalignant blood and marrow conditions we treat include:

Our treatment

Many of our patients with nonmalignant disorders begin treatment with medical treatment and transfusions while our pediatric hematologists and blood disorder specialists work to determine whether the condition is inherited or acquired. If an inherited, or genetic, cause is discovered, bone marrow transplant is often a viable option for treating these nonmalignant disorders. Other potential treatments for inherited or acquired disorders include cellular therapy and immunosuppressive therapy.

Our care team

Our nonmalignant disorders clinical care team includes the following board-certified pediatric hematologists:

Other clinical team members include advanced practice providers and pediatric nurse clinicians.

In keeping with the Children’s Wisconsin mission to care for the whole child, we provide our pediatric patients and their families access to social workers, psychologists, child life specialists, dietitians, and art and music therapists.

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