Hip and Lower Extremity Program

At Children's Wisconsin, our team of pediatric orthopedic surgeons and providers specialize in treating conditions involving the lower extremity, from the hips to the toes. Some of the conditions that we assess and treat, are congenital, meaning they were present at birth, and we also treat conditions that may appear with development, overuse or injury.

Our specialists provide exceptional expertise and care for children and teens, and understand the unique challenges and needs of their growing bodies. In collaboration with the Medical College of Wisconsin, our providers are working closely with researchers to develop and utilize cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment, so that our patients can live more functional lives.

Hip and lower extremity conditions

Hip conditions

There are a number of different orthopedic conditions that can affect a child or teen's lower extremities (hip, knee, ankle, foot) and can limit movement and flexibility If your child starts limping, it's important to get an evaluation right away. There are several possible causes, most involving the lower limbs.

Members of our orthopedic team also specialize in the treatment of certain sports-related conditions such as labral tears and femoral impingement. If your child is suffering from a sports injury, we would be happy to evaluate, and if needed, provide the experienced care that your young athlete deserves.

Some of the common hip conditions we treat are:

Some of the knee, ankle and foot conditions that we treat are:

Children’s Wisconsin also offers specialty care for patients with lower extremity developmental conditions and/or leg length differences. Learn more about our program.