Arrange a transport

To request a transport, referring physicians should call (414) 266-2460 or toll free (800) 266-0366, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Upon calling the Transport and Physician Referral center, one of our clinical staff or transport communication specialists (TCS) jump into action. We are able to consult and put you in direct communications with neonatal and pediatric specialties needed for any patient to help start a plan of care before our team arrives.

Within as little as 15 minutes, our highly trained team is on their way with an action plan that begins giving the best and safest care before arriving at Children's.

What to expect when you call our Physician Referral Center:

  • One of our TCS or clinical staff begin getting basic patient information, the facility you are calling from, and a brief clinical summary/ history of patient and then immediately consults the appropriate physician needed.
  • One of our clinical staff then conferences you with the appropriate attending physician(s). Any trauma patients are brought into a conference line that includes attending physicians from our PICU, ED, and Surgery; allowing a true and timely report to be given at once.
  • Recommendations and a plan of care is discussed while our team is packing any specialty supplies for transport.
  • In transit, our team is updated on any critical information prior to arrival to your facility.

When our Transport Team arrives, please have ready:

  • Copy of medical record including: H&P, electronic medication record (EMR), labs completed
  • Copy of scans (x-ray, CT, MRI)
  • EMTALA form if in ER