Mode of transportation

The mode of transport is determined by several factors, including the acuity of patient (stable vs not stable) and distance from outlying facility. 

Ground ambulance

We have partnered with Bell Ambulance to provide us with two pediatric/neonatal mobile intensive care units. The ground units' serves as our main mode of transportation for our patients from Green Bay, WI to Northern Illinois and everywhere in-between. Parents are welcome to travel with their child whenever possible. 

Rotor-wing (Helicopter)

Our team is joined with Flight for Life to provide our helicopter transports. Depending on patient status, a flight maybe requested to expedite the patient arriving to our facility. Parents are not able to fly in the helicopter.

Fixed-wing (Airplane)

Fixed wing transports are needed when ground and helicopter transports are not feasible due to distance or weather. Having an airplane as a mode of transport allows us to fly anywhere within the US. The severity of the patient, the number of seats available, and the weight of the aircraft are all taken into account if a parent is allowed to fly back. Ultimately, it is up to the pilot.

Arrange a transport

(414) 266-2460

Toll-free: (800) 266-0366

Arrange a transport