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The Children's Wisconsin Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) requires individuals involved in the design, conduct, or review of human subject research that is overseen by the Children's IRB to undergo training. This includes any individual who is involved in research and is listed as part of the study team. Children's utilizes the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program to administer training to both study teams and research reviewers.

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The purpose of our training encourages:

  • Responsible conduct in research – to assure a thorough and universal foundation in the ethical and legal principles guiding human participant research.
  • Scientific integrity – to enhance the awareness of and sensitivity to research integrity issues such as conflict of interest.
  • Public duty – to demonstrate to project subjects, the community, and research sponsors that we have the training and expertise necessary to protect the rights and welfare of research subjects.

CITI training requirements

Everyone involved in the design, conduct, or review of human subject research overseen by the Children's IRB must obtain CITI Certification. To access the appropriate modules, users must affiliate with the Medical College of Wisconsin within their CITI account. Visit the CITI program website to learn more.

Children's CITI Training requirements include:

  • Completion of CITI training – individuals should complete the applicable courses within CITI and maintain on-going CITI Certification.
    • For example, if doing biomedical research, this course should be taken. If the individual will potentially be involved in various types of research, such as biomedical and social/behavioral, then the Learner Group 3 module should be taken.
  • Individuals are responsible to maintain their CITI training records and keep them current during their tenure while conducting research.

The Children's HRPP offers training for biomedical researchers and social/behavioral researchers in CITI. Individuals are encouraged to select the courses that best align with the type of research being conducted. CITI also contains information to help study teams with the course selection process.

Initial certification

Initial CITI Certification is obtained by completing the required online modules with an overall score of 80%.

Refresher certification

In order to maintain CITI Certification, everyone is required to complete the CITI Refresher Course every three (3) years after initial certification is obtained.

Educational offerings

Available learning opportunities

The Human Research Protection Program regularly hosts virtual open office hours, small group, and our Introduction to the Children's Wisconsin IRB session.


Introduction to the Children's Wisconsin IRB training session

Register online

Date: Held quarterly
Time: 8am – 12:00pm
Location: Zoom

This training session will provide practical advice for working with the Children's Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Office to help ensure successful IRB submissions and ongoing (regulatory) study management.

  • Explore policies and operations of the Children's IRB and HRPP
  • Learn best practices directly from IRB and HRPP Staff
  • Overview of the entire Children's IRB lifecycle
  • IRBNet overview and how-to tips

Open Office Hours

Join us for virtual open office hours! Researchers and study staff may drop-in for general questions and guidance that may be provided quickly.

Time: Virtual open office hours are held weekly, every Tuesday 9:30 – 11:30am via Zoom.

Small Group

See the current issue of the quarterly HRPP Newsletter (available on Connect) for more details on dates and times, space is limited.

Join the Children's HRPP/IRB Office and the Pediatric Translational Research Unit (pTRU) Staff for small group to discuss select research topics. The same topic will be discussed at both sessions each month. An open forum, you'll have the chance to get your own questions answered and get help with Epic or IRBNet.