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Children's Wisconsin Medical College of Wisconsin power of academic medicine

Kids deserve the power of academic medicine

From the moment they open their eyes, children embark on a journey of constant learning. In their formative years, we encourage our kids to have a desire and appreciation for knowledge. We invite them to ask questions, and to critically and creatively think about the world around them. We teach them to overcome obstacles with problem solving and determination. We delight in their curiosity to understand things more deeply. We hope that our kids develop these skills so that they can be a good example for others as they grow older and so that they may be well-equipped for the life ahead of them.

We devote a lot of time and attention to this learning journey our kids are on. So, when considering a medical provider, wouldn’t you want to choose one who values these same principles?

A journey of learning through academic medicine

Children’s Wisconsin has been affiliated with the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) since 2000. What makes this more than two decade partnership unique is the focus on academic medicine. But what is academic medicine? 

Academic medicine refers to medical centers that have a partnership with a medical school where clinical patient care, medical research and education take place. Academic medical centers also help set quality standards for patient care nationwide, train the health care workforce, evaluate promising treatments through clinical trials, further scientific concepts through research and provide the majority of complex care.

As a parent, this means you get the best care for your child. Whether it’s out in the community addressing health disparities, in the lab creating gene therapies or enhancing survival of children with life-threatening illnesses, doctors and researchers at MCW and Children’s Wisconsin focus on all aspects of advancing knowledge for the benefit of kids.

Pediatric experts at Children’s Wisconsin

Parents can see this kind of patient care come to life through the pediatric experts at Children’s Wisconsin. This group of specialty doctors was formed out of the affiliation between Children’s Wisconsin and MCW, and includes more than 600 providers across Wisconsin. Most Children’s Wisconsin specialty doctors are employed by MCW, and all are dedicated to providing the highest quality specialty health care services to infants, children and adolescents.

Children’s Wisconsin specialty physicians are committed to providing the best of the best patient care, while advancing the effectiveness of health care through education and the application of leading-edge research and innovative technologies. Only 5 percent of the nation’s hospitals are part of academic medical centers, so this group is a critical link between Children's Wisconsin and MCW's commitment to excellence in medical education and research.

Today’s curiosity fuels tomorrow’s treatments

Research through academic medicine has led to some of the most essential medical treatments and findings we know today. Without this research, many of the life-saving procedures, medicines and health protocols might not exist for our kids.

Providers from MCW and Children’s Wisconsin dedicate countless hours to laboratory and clinical research projects in addition to their work treating patients. Click here for a snapshot of just a few faculty members who have recently published work in key research areas.

Children’s Wisconsin and MCW embrace knowledge and curiosity, just like we encourage our kids to do, so that world-class care and discoveries will remain top priority today, tomorrow, and in the future to come.