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Certified Child Life Specialists

A child faces many new experiences while in the hospital, or when they are given a new diagnosis. Certified Child Life Specialists are clinically trained professionals in the field of child development, recognizing the impact of illness. Child Life Specialists focus on teaching healthy coping strategies through the use of medical play, hands on preparation, diagnosis specific teaching, and support during potentially painful or stressful procedures. The goal of Child Life is to provide family centered care in supporting patients, parents, and siblings throughout their medical experiences.

Reasons to consult Child Life:

  • New diagnosis or Relapse
  • Preparation and teaching for procedures/surgery
  • Anxiety with the healthcare experience (patient and/or family member)
  • Procedural support and/or distraction
  • Patient exhibiting oppositional behaviors
  • Sibling support
  • Assistance in creating a daily schedule or behavior plan
  • Bereavement support and/or memory making

Ages: Infants up to Young Adults

Days offered: Monday through Friday (weekend support available by consult)

Units Covered: MACC Fund Center Inpatient Unit and Outpatient Clinic

MACC Fund child life, Jill Fahner, CCLS Audra Daniloff

Jill Fahner, CCLS

MACC Fund Clinic

Audra Daniloff, CCLS

MACC Fund Inpatient

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