Recreational therapy

Recreational therapy is a process utilizing a variety of recreational and leisure interventions to improve the physical, cognitive, and/or social/emotional abilities of patients and families served. Activities are designed to improve the functional abilities of patients, reduce the limitations/restrictions to participation in leisure caused by illness or disability, and to enhance quality of life.

Recreational Therapy can support a patient and family through 1:1 or small group sessions that:

  • Maintain or improve activity tolerance
  • Increase participation in activity interests
  • Promote opportunities for social interaction during treatment
  • Promote use of fine/gross motor movements
  • Develop new leisure skills
  • Educate on activity modifications and resources to maintain activity involvement during treatment

Ages: 5 and up
Days offered: Monday through Friday
Units covered: MACC Fund Center only

Ann Freigang, CTRS 

Ann Freigang, CTRS

Contact info:

Resources for becoming a recreational therapist can be found here:

American Therapeutic Recreation Association

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