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If your child was born with heart disease or a heart defect, consider getting a second opinion from the pediatric experts at the Herma Heart Institute at Children's Wisconsin. A second opinion from our doctors can confirm the original diagnosis, giving you added confidence and peace of mind. In some cases, we may be able to provide new information or a different perspective about the diagnosis. Even if treatment has already started, a second opinion can help guide any change in your child's care.

It is understandable if you feel overwhelmed following a heart defect diagnosis. To help parents choose the right care for their child, Conquering CHD developed the Guided Questions Tool. The Herma Heart Institute  proactively provides answers to the questions to help families in their decision. 

FAQs about second opinions

Questions to ask your child's heart center

Get started toward a second opinion. Simply fill out the form below or call (855) 331-6300 to request a second opinion.

Our outcomes

Families worldwide trust the Herma Heart Institute for their child’s cardiac care. Learn the key quality and outcome measures that parents should look for in a heart program, and see how the Herma Heart Institute compares.

Scars: Badges of honor

In this video, hear from families just like yours who have fought against all odds — and won.