Get a Heart Check with the Herma Heart Institute

When your child says they have chest pain, problems with fainting or their heart beat, it can be nerve-wracking to know what to do next.

That’s why the Herma Heart Institute created Heart Check. With Heart Check, families can connect with an expert pediatric cardiologist for medical guidance and decide whether an in-person follow-up appointment is needed. Best of all, Heart Check is a virtual service, meaning you have access to world-class heart doctors without leaving home.

To connect with our team, fill out the form below and you can expect to hear from us within two business days. Any potential charges will be discussed with you after we confirm your insurance information and before the visit. 

Heart Check FAQs

There are no wrong answers with the form — the questions merely help our doctors have a better understanding of what your child is experiencing.

Chest pain

Palpitation (feeling that the heart is beating unusually)

Lightheadedness or syncope (fainting)

Heart murmur

Heart issues related to a recent COVID-19 infection

Our outcomes

Families worldwide trust the Herma Heart Institute for their child’s cardiac care. Learn the key quality and outcome measures that parents should look for in a heart program, and see how the Herma Heart Institute compares.

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