Frequently Asked Questions about Heart Check

Below are frequently asked questions about Heart Check. If you have a question that you don't see below, please reach out using our contact form

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How will I be charged for a Heart Check?

Your Heart Check visit may be covered by your insurance. If it is not covered by insurance, a small charge can be paid out of pocket. We will be able to provide a quote for any charges after verifying insurance information.

Who can request a Heart Check?

We welcome requests from anywhere in Wisconsin for children 0-17 with heart-related concerns. This request can come from a parent/guardian or family member who can provide medical history on the child.

When can I request a Heart Check?

You can request a Heart Check any time your child is experiencing chest pain, fainting or an irregular heartbeat. Heart Checks are also available to children who have concerns with their heart following a COVID-19 infection.

Will there be additional tests (i.e. echocardiogram) that is required for a Heart Check?

Not for the initial Heart Check virtual appointment. During your appointment, the cardiologist will be able to tell you if additional testing is recommended and our team will support you in coordinating any follow-up appointments.

Do I need to have anything prepared before requesting a Heart Check?

To begin the request, we only need the information that’s listed in the form. We will connect with you within 1-2 business days for any follow up questions and insurance information.

Our team will also help you set up a free Children’s MyChart account if you do not already have one. This MyChart account will securely host your virtual Heart Check appointment with the cardiologist.

Do we meet the doctor in person?

Heart Check is a virtual service. If the cardiologist determines that your child requires additional testing or follow-up care, the Herma Heart Institute team can help you in coordinating an appointment.

Will my child's pediatrician be offended that I'm requesting a Heart Check?

The Herma Heart Institute takes pride in being a trusted partner of Wisconsin pediatricians. Should your child need additional testing or follow-up care, we’ll update  your child’s pediatrician and will ensure your child’s care is coordinated.