Our specialists

We are committed to involving families in every part of a child's care. Throughout diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care, parents are involved in the decision-making process and are no more than a phone call away from any one of our specialists.

Core team of specialists

Based on a patient's stage of treatment, such as actively receiving radiation or chemotherapy, surgery or follow-up care, he or she mainly will see specialists in the following three areas:


Our neurosurgeons perform precise, image-guided biopsies and removal of brain tumors in children of all ages.

  • Julianne Mallonee, BSN, RN


Certain members of our Oncology team specifically manage the care of children who need chemotherapy or radiation to help treat their brain tumor. They also provide long-term, follow-up care once treatment is finished.

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  • Suzanne Novak, BSN, RN, CPN

Radiation oncology

We partner with Froedtert Hospital's Department of Radiation Oncology, which is connected to Children's Wisconsin. Radiation oncologists are committed to compassionate care and provide state-of-the-art treatment. Their goal is to maximize brain tumor care by using techniques that minimize long-term side effects.

Support from additional specialists

A patient with a brain tumor may develop other health problems. That's why families have support from a team of experts.


Many patients have problems with hormones and the glands that produce them. This can be caused by the tumor, surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. A pediatric endocrinologist works with our team to check for and manage hormonal problems.


Patients who have underlying genetic problems may benefit from working with our experts.


Certain members of our Neurology team specifically manage the care of children who have a brain tumor. Pediatric neurologists help manage any seizures or other neurological problems that may happen as a result of tumors.

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Following treatment for brain tumors, many children develop learning difficulties. Neuropsychological tests can identify each child's strengths and weaknesses and determine what help is needed. Neuropsychology tests are done in conjunction with Froedtert Hospital.


Our radiologists review all scans done at diagnosis, and during and after therapy. They are very helpful in understanding changes shown on MRI and CT scans.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation care helps children improve function and quality of life.

Contact us

Your child's primary care doctor may refer him or her to us. For more information about referrals or care in our clinic please contact:

Suzanne Novak, BSN, RN CPN
Neuro-oncology nurse clinician
(414) 266-3924
Email: snovak@childrenswi.org

For Neurosurgery questions, please contact:
Julianne Mallonee, BSN, RN
(414) 337-7861
Email: jmallonee@childrenswi.org

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It's important to know what your options are. We can provide expert opinions to verify or give more information about an initial diagnosis. Contact us today.