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As a Children’s Wisconsin foster parent, there are many resources available to you and the children in your care while you are fostering. From discounts and newsletters, to support groups, medical care, and training opportunities, explore the links below to find supports in a variety of areas.


Foundations trainings

Level 2 general foster care parents within their first two years of being licensed will complete 36 hours of state trainings called “foundations trainings.” Level 3 treatment foster care parents will complete the foundations trainings through Children’s Wisconsin prior to licensure. Follow the links below for more information about these trainings:

Ongoing trainings

Foster parents who have been licensed for more than 2 years will complete ongoing training hours each year (hours vary depending on license level). These trainings are self-selected and can be on any topic related to fostering. Watch for monthly emails from Children’s Wisconsin for free trainings available to Children’s foster families. Below are ideas of trainings that can count for ongoing training hours:


Resources and information for foster and relative parents

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