Cancer scholarship opportunities

Other scholarship opportunities (not cancer specific)

College preparation guideline

Spring junior year/summer before senior year

  1. Begin looking online/visiting colleges of interest
  2. Request specific college catalogs if desired
  3. Contact your high school counselor and look online for registration materials and test dates for the SAT/ACT. Make a list of test names, dates, fees and registration deadlines. Register/take test.
  4. Think about college application essay/begin writing.

Senior year


  1. Make a list of deadlines for admissions and financial aid applications for colleges of your choice.
  2. Begin filling out applications.


  1. Take the SAT or ACT (or retake)
  2. Register for CSS/Financial Aid Profile (this determines your qualifications for private school aid)
  3. Complete admission application essays
  4. Complete your college applications for at least three colleges


  1. Take the SAT or ACT (or retake)
  2. Obtain financial aid applications


  1. Pick up a Free Application for Federal Student Aids (FAFSA)
  2. Apply for outside funding or scholarships


  1. Submit your completed FAFSA. Keep copies of all forms you submit


  1. Mail your FAFSA
  2. Rank your colleges


  1. Look for your Student Aid Report (SAR)
  2. Submit tax forms to the financial aid office


  1. Make your final decision about your college choice
  2. Send deposit to college
  3. Check with the college you’ve chosen to attend about the details of signing and returning financial aid award letters
  4. Notify other schools that you will not be attending
  5. Watch for important deadline at the chosen college (housing, financial aid, etc.)


  1. AP examinations
  2. Finalize summer school or summer job plans
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