Fertility navigation program

Children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer or who are undergoing blood/marrow transplantation (BMT) are at risk for infertility (the inability to get pregnant or reproduce by natural means). The risk of infertility depends on many things including the type of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation received, as well as things like age and stage of puberty at the time of diagnosis. The type of cancer or other disease group (blood or auto-immune disorder), also plays a part. 
Fertility discussion is ongoing from diagnosis through survivorship care. Fertility preservation options may be available to consider for both male and female patients, before or after treatment ends. Along with fertility, certain disease groups and treatments may affect the hormones needed for growth and pubertal development. Blood tests can be done to measure hormone levels and provide information about hormone and growth status.  
The MACC Fund team works with providers who specialize in the care of issues related to fertility, hormones, growth and development. The team may refer you to an Endocrinologist, Urologist, or Reproductive Endocrinologist to learn more about your options and to take the best care possible of your reproductive and hormone health. The fertility navigation team is here to help guide you through these issues.

If you need more information, call our Fertility Navigator at (414) 266-3712.